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At The Customer Profiler we help you understand the who, what and why of your customer base in order to create an effective marketing plan for your business. We bring high level strategic and creative skills so you can answer the questions needed to be certain your marketing campaign reaches its target market and key stakeholders.We can offer a range of services that will progressively delve into your customer and market profile.

The Customer Profiler is a marketing and communications consultancy, specialising in understanding your consumer. We combine our subject expertise in analysing geo
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demographic, lifestyle and media behaviours with industry research from leading companies in the field including ABS, Roy Morgan, Experian and geoTribes to analyse the right customer for your business objectives. Providing the big picture that is available to big companies but without the big price.
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Malocclusion in adults
In previous material we have discussed in detail the correction of bite in children. We now turn to an adult. Adults are also quite a varied Arsenal. What can we offer? Due to the fact that adults are no longer growing patients, and therefore can affect the growth, say, to expect that the jaw will increase in size and you suddenly have space for the teeth, we can not count. So we're here to smooth out any unfavorable configuration, to make room for the teeth.
So, what can we use technology?